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Flat Deck Trailers for Sale

custom built flat deck trailers

If your business relies on a sturdy workhorse to do the heavy lifting for you – consider our multi-purpose flat deck trailers for sale in South Africa. Available standard or
purpose built for your application, we provide the functionality you demand with the quality you can trust.

Custom flat deck trailers for your needs
Carry your pallets, machinery, vehicles, tanks, construction materials and other equipment securely with a flat deck trailer from AWE Trailers.

We focus on the production of innovative designs for versatile applications to give customers ultimate reliability and competitive pricing, without compromising on
engineering quality.

As a specialist trailer manufacturer, whatever your size, load capacity, and other special requirements, we listen to your needs and meet them.

Made for the long haul
The materials and components that go into our manufacturing process contribute to the overall strength and longevity of our flat deck trailers. This makes them extremely
durable and ensures that they meet your transporting needs for many years to come.

Safety guaranteed
The safety of your cargo and people are our utmost priority. For this reason, all our trailers are SABS approved and made in accordance with Road Ordinance requirements.

In addition, our trailer range also includes low speed non-roadworthy applications suitable for the mining and agricultural industry

After sales support
We understand that downtime can be costly to your business. To ensure the continued operation of your trailers, we also provide any essential modifications as well
as repair services and component supply to maximise the value of your investment.

Request a free quote: Contact us with your specific trailer requirements and we’ll assist you in getting the best trailer for your needs


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